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Top 5 Coastal Roads in Vietnam for Riding Motorbike

Coastal Roads in Vietnam for riding motorbike.

Vietnam is an S-shaped country with a coastline of 3,260 kilometers in length. Tourists can travel across Vietnam with many forms of transportation such as airplanes, buses, boats, or motorbikes. Many young Vietnamese people and foreign tourists accomplish this adventurous journey.

Easy Riders Vietnam will show you top 5 most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam for riding motorbike. The total route is around 1,145 kilometers. You can ride many hours per day to accomplish your journey as fast as possible. However, it’s best to take your time on the road. You will go through many tourist attractions as well as hidden local spots along the way.


1. Saigon to Mui Ne (255 kilometers)

coastal roads in vietnam mui ne

Embark on your motorbike journey by heading towards Cat Lai Ferry in District 2, Saigon, which borders Dong Nai province by Soai Rap river. As you board the ferry, revel in the gorgeous view of the river, and savor the experience like a local motorist. Once you reach Dong Nai province, proceed to Long Thanh district and Ba Ria town, where many rest stops dot the road, offering famous Lothamilk dairy products and other local specialties that are worth trying. Take a break, catch your breath, and enjoy the flavors of the region.

Then, ride to Ho Tram via Loc An, where you'll encounter a roundabout with clear signs. Remember that Loc An is the final gasoline station before the next one, located approximately 60 kilometers away.

As you continue on your journey, the stunning coastal road awaits, showcasing breathtaking views of the blue ocean and white beaches. The salty sea air blowing through your hair adds to the charm, and as you pass through Ho Tram, Binh Chau Hot Spring, and Binh Chau National Park, take the time to appreciate these stunning attractions. You may even decide to camp overnight at Ho Tram and create unforgettable memories.

Keep riding until you reach La Gi town, Binh Thuan province, famous among tourists for its Coco Beach campsite on the beach. Stay a day or two and experience the local lifestyle while enjoying seafood as much as you desire. Afterward, continue your journey by riding along the coastal road to Mom Da Chim and Ke Ga, which features the oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia.

Finally, head straight to Phan Thiet city and turn towards Mui Ne, one of Vietnam's most famous coastal cities that you simply cannot afford to miss.

2. Mui Ne to Nha Trang (225 kilometers)

top 5 best coastal roads in vietnam

After spending a few days in Mui Ne, you will be ready for the next leg of your journey. Hop on DT716 to witness a spectacular landscape: the sand dunes! The sand changes color from yellow to red and from red to white, creating a mesmerizing sight. As you ride, you will reach Phan Ri Cua town and Ganh Son, a red clay hill with a unique and stunning shape. Stop at Ganh Son, walk along the red hill, and explore the charming fishing village here.

Next, head towards Co Thach, where you will find the rock field with seven colors. March is the best season to visit as all the rocks are covered with moss. Photographers flock to this place to capture its extraordinary beauty. Once you're back on the road, you will ride on QL1A for a while, passing by Ca Na beach in Ninh Thuan province, home to salt-making, a traditional occupation of the local people in the area.

From Ca Na, turn onto the coastal road and continue riding on the stunning and serene route. Along the way, you will come across Nam Cuong Sand Dune, which boasts enormous yellow sand dunes. Keep riding a little further, and you'll reach Phan Rang city, another popular tourist attraction that you shouldn't miss. The Cham tower complex atop the hill is the highlight of Phan Rang. While riding through Phan Rang, you'll come across herds of sheep and goats grazing and green vineyards dotting the landscape.

Next up is the road DT702 from Phan Rang to Cam Ranh, which draws an arc embracing Nui Chua National Park, where the desert and forest meet. This is the wildest and most breathtaking part of the journey. Along the way, you'll come across Vinh Hy Bay, followed by Tam Binh islands, including Binh Tien, Binh Hung, and Binh Ba island. These islands are still pristine, the water is a deep blue and crystal clear, and the lobsters are the cheapest you'll find in Vietnam (or anywhere else). Take a boat ride and spend a few days exploring these islands. You won't regret it.

Once you've had your fill of the islands, ride on QL1A to Cam Ranh city in Khanh Hoa province, then turn onto DT6571 and head to Nha Trang city, the most famous coastal city in Vietnam.

3. Nha Trang to Quy Nhon (215 kilometers)

coastal roads in vietnam vinh hy

Embark on an adventurous ride on QL1A from Nha Trang, while admiring the scenic beauty of many islands and bays. Bien Doc Let is a renowned beach that offers various water sports, and camping is a thrilling activity that you can experience here. Van Phong Bay is your next destination, where you can explore numerous islands and fascinating places. The highlight of Van Phong Bay is Mui Doi, the easternmost point of Vietnam.

As you ride through Deo Ca Pass, one of the most spectacular passes in Vietnam, the panoramic view of the immense blue ocean, yellow paddy fields, and dense green forest will leave you spellbound.

After crossing Deo Ca Pass, you will reach Tuy Hoa city in Phu Yen province. Continue riding on the coastal roads, and you will come across many breathtaking terrains, including Ganh Da Dia, Ganh Yen, Ganh Den, Ganh Ong, Bai Xep Beach, and O Loan Lagoon. Ganh Da Dia is a unique place, with numerous rocks of various shapes like circles, pentagons, and polygons that resemble a honeycomb from a distance.

As you move ahead, don't miss out on exploring the beautiful beaches and bays like Vung Lam Bay and Xuan Dai Bay. The next pass that you will conquer is Cu Mong Pass before finally reaching the peaceful coastal city of Quy Nhon in Binh Dinh province. Spend some time in this beautiful city and explore its hidden gems like Ky Co beach, Eo Gio, and Cu Lao Xanh island.

4. Qui Nhon to Da Nang (325 kilometers)

da nang

Get ready for a breathtaking journey from Quy Nhon to Da Nang, spanning 325 kilometers along the stunning coastal roads of central Vietnam. As you cross the 7.5-kilometer-long Thi Nai Bridge, you'll be amazed by the stunning Trung Luong Sea and the largest sitting Buddha statue in Southeast Asia at Ong Nui Pagoda.

Take a break at Trung Luong, a newly developed camping site that has captured the hearts of many young adventurers. As you continue your journey, be sure to stop at De Gi Beach, Sa Huynh Beach, An Khe Lagoon, and Lam Binh Lagoon, all offering breathtaking scenery and peaceful serenity.

Ly Son Island is a must-see destination near Quang Ngai, known for its stunning landscape and delicious seafood. The local people also cultivate the best onions in Vietnam on the island. Continue to Tam Ky city in Quang Nam province and make a stop at Bich Hoa Tam Thanh Village, where you can admire the vivid wall paintings depicting the daily life of the coastal people.

As you ride towards Hoi An, you'll be enchanted by its ancient town, large vegetable village, and beautiful white beaches. Spend a few days here exploring the city and nearby islands, perfect for diving and other water sports.

Finally, reach Da Nang, the most developed city in central Vietnam and the most livable city in the country. This incredible journey along the coastal roads of central Vietnam is one you won't soon forget!

5. Da Nang to Hue (125 kilometers)

Top 5 coastal roads in Vietnam for riding motorcycle

Embark on an unforgettable adventure from Da Nang to Hue, where you will experience the most breathtaking coastal roads and stunning landscapes in Vietnam. As you ride along My Khe Beach, you'll be in awe of the picturesque scenery. However, the real adventure begins as you make your way to Hai Van Pass, one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam. Prepare to be blown away by the vast green forest and the vast blue ocean that stretches below, revealing a few hidden beaches.

As you continue your journey, take a detour to Lap An Lagoon in Lang Co town, where you can unwind and enjoy the peaceful moment on the side of the lagoon. There, you can indulge in some of the most delectable and freshest seafood at an affordable price.

Back on the road, don't forget to explore Bach Ma National Park, where you'll be greeted with awe-inspiring mountainous landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, and serene lakes.

As you venture further, QL49B, the stunning coastal road, will take you through six lagoons, each one more enchanting than the last. You'll pass by An Bang fishing village, also known as the "Ghost City," where the locals compete to build the most magnificent graves for their loved ones.

After all, Vietnam is a country blessed with stunning natural beauty, and the coastal roads offer some of the most breathtaking scenery you can experience on a motorbike. From the winding roads along the majestic Hai Van Pass to the vibrant fishing villages and tranquil lagoons, the top 5 coastal roads we explored will leave you spellbound.

Riding a motorbike along these roads is an adventure that will take you through some of the most picturesque landscapes in Vietnam. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, sample delicious seafood, and interact with friendly locals.

Whether you are an experienced motorbike rider or just starting out, these coastal roads in Vietnam offer something for everyone. With proper planning, you can embark on an unforgettable journey that will take you through some of the most stunning landscapes Vietnam has to offer. So, pack your bags, get a motorbike, or jump on the back of the motorbike with an Easy Rider guide to explore these top 5 coastal roads in Vietnam.



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