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Our first ideas of traveling by motorbike

Our history begins back in 1996 when we were students of Dalat University for Tourism and Business. The main language we used in University was English, so we needed an English-speaking environment to improve our listening and speaking skills. Therefore, when we had leisure time, we took a walk to the center of the city where we could get an opportunity to meet and communicate with foreign tourists. We talked to them, shared with them our local cultures, and introduce them to the beautiful sites of Dalat and other parts of Vietnam that they shouldn't miss while visiting our country. Everyone was really enthusiastic to help us out and it gave us the idea to help foreign tourists explore the beautiful sights of Dalat by motorbikes.


The way we travel

The idea for Easy Riders Vietnam as our ‘brand name’ came from the Hollywood movie "Easy Rider", which was made in 1969. The name resonated with us because of the way we traveled through the rugged country roads, lush forests, and mountain twisties, as well as staying overnight in local villages to experience the cultures, cuisine, and traditions that no tour guides were offering at that time in Vietnam. Our unique and liberating way of exploring the hidden beauty of the country made us ‘standout’ from the typical bustles of tourism in Vietnam. We were recommended in Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Le Guide Du Routard, The Culture Trip, and other guide books.



The Original Easy Riders Vietnam

We're proud that we’re the first ones who organised Motorbike Tours in Vietnam, and Easy Rider Tours under the name "Easy Riders Vietnam". We have been building our good reputation for years and our tours have become a ‘must-do tour’ for everyone who travels in our beautiful country. Due to that reason, many copycats all over Vietnam have stolen our tour itineraries and content (or used ChatGPT to change it), putting them on their websites and even mentioning themselves as the "original Easy Riders". The multitude of imposters copying us might cause confusion when looking for us on the search engines. However, once you’re here and experience our services for yourself, you know that you’re with the ORIGINAL - the right company that can create an exciting, interactive and dynamic trip that will last a lifetime.



Our mission

We delight in taking you directly to the hidden beauty of Vietnam, the untouched regions, exploring the unique local cultures, and creating unforgettable memories that you’ll carry for the rest of your life.

Last but not least, unlike other "Easy Riders" or motorbike tour companies, our tour guides at Easy Riders Vietnam are willing to listen to your enquiries, in order to tailor your experience to your expectation. As soon as the tour departs, you are no longer a tourist, you are our company, you are an integral part of our operation