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Toan Lee

Toan Lee graduated from Dalat University in 2001. He joined the Easy Riders Vietnam Team in 2006 and never looked back. With cooking talent, mechanical skills, and knowledge about Vietnam would make your time with him unforgettably enjoyable.

Terry Nguyen

Terry joined our team after graduating from Tourism College of Dalat in 2007. He speaks English well and some Spanish and especially his good sense of humor makes the trip so much fun and memorable


Ace joined our Easy Riders Vietnam Team in 2010 as a Sale Manager at our main office in Dalat. He loves motorcycles and the feeling of freedom when riding them. He knows Vietnam well like the back of his hands. When you are on the roads with him, you know that you travel with a professional, experienced, and licensed tour guide.


Chinh bases in Hoi An/ Da Nang region. He is one of the first tour guides who's been working with us since we started our motorcycle tours company under the name Easy Riders Vietnam in the 90s. He's a knowledgeable and caring person. When you are with him, you know that you are in a safe hand and that you'll learn so much about Vietnam's cultures and history.


Jack has joined us after years of working for several tourist companies in Dalat. He found out that riding motorbikes with foreign tourists is the only way to exchange cultures and enrich his knowledge. His singing talent and guitar skills are unbeatable. He'll make your night so entertaining after a couple of beers! 

Nhan Nguyen

Nhan is the youngest one in our team, who joined us in 2015. Nhan speaks excellent English and is really knowledgeable about the different aspects. We're proud to have him in our team as he makes everything go smoothly. He's also a cooking expert as he knows all the ingredients and cuisines to cook delicious meals for our guests.

Tuan Tran

After obtaining a double major: BA for Tourism in English and International Tour Guide License at the University of Dalat in 2000. Tuan has lived and worked all over Vietnam as a tour guide, but is always drawn back to "Eternal Spring", Dalat. He is the owner and founder of Easy Riders Vietnam which established in 1997. "There are several ways to travel in Vietnam, but motorcycles are the best way to explore the hidden charms of Vietnam", Tuan believes.

Bruno Linh

Bruno joined us in 2007 and has been guiding our clients all over Vietnam, from the Mekong Delta to the far North West of Vietnam. He is one of the funniest, most optimistic guys you will ever meet. He always has something interesting to say, and usually, it leaves you in stitches. Besides, his cooking skills will make your trip remarkable with delicious meals. 

Hung Vo

Hung has had a passion to ride motorcycles since he was 10. He started working at Easy Riders Vietnam in early 2000 after graduating from the Tourism University of Dalat. He's easygoing and always fun to have on the roads. He has been riding extensively in Vietnam and loves to share his knowledge and amazing Vietnam for all adventurous clients.


Sunny grew up on a coffee plantation of Di Linh Plateau. He's hard-working, optimistic, calm, and collected in a tight situation. It has always been a desire for him to ride motorcycles and show the real Vietnam to our clients. In his opinion: "a successful day is not about the kilometers we ride, but the smiles we get for our clients!"

Kun Tran

Born and grew up in Lao Cai and moved to Dalat for Tourism University in 2008. Kun used to work as a tour guide for Canyoning and Ziplining tours after his graduation. He started working at Easy Riders Vietnam since 2012. His sincere care and gentle behaviors to our clients always make them feel so comfortable and trustworthy 

Huy Nguyen

Huy has been guiding for Easy Riders Vietnam in 2015. He started riding his motorcycle when he was 12 and grew up riding off-road in his countryside in Northwest Vietnam. Huy has a wanderlust for motorcycle adventures and exploring new regions. He loves exploring and sharing new adventures with Easy Riders Vietnam's clients