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Top 10 Magnificent Mountain Passes in Vietnam For Riding Motorcycle

Top 10 Magnificent Mountain Passes in Vietnam For Riding Motorcycle

These twisty mountain passes look pretty dangerous to travel. However, words can’t describe enough how beautifully breathtaking they are when you are on a motorcycle winding your way through these passes. 

Ma Pi Leng3

1. Ma Pi Leng Pass 
This pass is considered the King of the dangerous mountain passes in Vietnam. This pass is about 10 km long, lying on Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. It’s one of the 4 highest mountains of North West Lof Vietnam that attracts everyone who has a sense of riding a motorcycle and adventure. If you’re not confident to drive by yourself, then you can choose to ride pillion on the back of our experienced/licensed tour guides’ motorbike at Easy Riders Vietnam. Check out our Easy Rider Ha Giang Loop Tour to get more information

O Qui Ho Pass

2. O Qui Ho Pass
It is the longest pass in the North West’s mountains. It’s about 50km stretching on Vietnam national route 4D on Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, connecting two provinces Lao Cai and Lai Chau. This pass is also called “Cloud” as it is obscured by clouds all year round. At the “Heaven Gate” with a height of 2000 meters from sea level, visitors can admire the imposing panoramic view of Fansipan Mountain, the highest mountain in Indochina, or the picturesque valleys of Lai Chau.

O Qui Ho Pass is one of the most attractive destinations in northwestern Vietnam. Blessed by Mother Nature, its magnificent beauty offers travelers a majestic landscape.   

Pha Din Pass

3. Phi Din Pass
Pha Din pass, which is about 32 km long, is the gateway to Dien Bien province. The pass is in-between mountain rock and deep abysm and it has so many hairpin bends that inspire every adventurer. Its highest peak is 1,648 meters above sea level, so visitors can take in all the fantastic views of this stunning nature till the end of the vision.

Khau Pha1

4. Khau Pha Pass
Khau Pha Pass lies between Van Chan District and Mu Cang Chai District. It’s one of the rugged and longest mountain passes in the north of Vietnam. This pass surrounds by endlessly extending mountains, pristine forests, and rice terraced paddies cultivated by H’Mong and Thai Ethnic minority groups. We also get a great opportunity to pass on many fabulous sights including La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chai, and Tu Le. This pass is a real challenge for any experienced motorcycle rider. It is included in our thrilling 12 Day Northern Vietnam Easy Rider Tour 

Ma Phuc

5. Ma Phuc Pass
Ma Phuc Pass is 20 km away towards the East of Cao Bang City. This is the most picturesque pass of National Route 3 from Phu Lo to Ta Lung Border and about 650 meters from sea level. The pass has 7 swirls with unpredictable bends meandering the karst mountain that makes this incredibly unique and stunning. Conquering this pass is like a dream comes true for every adventure rider: attractive ruggedness, undulating roads, epic twisty mountain pass, and beautiful nature.

Bac Sum Pass - Ha Giang - Easy Riders Vietnam

6. Bac Sum Pass
Bac Sum Pass extends from Minh Tan to Vi Xuyen and on to Quyet Tien of Quan Ba District, Ha Giang. This magnificent pass is pretty steep and winding but soft and attractive, like an endless stretch of silk that offers graceful, soft dances between four high rocky terraces.

If we take a view from the top of the mountain, Bac Sum pass is like an image of a giant snake that is only in the legend of a sluggard spread in the high mountains of the Northwest to find new mysterious lands in a cultural space. It’s also very rugged with many hairpin turns.
If you are an adventure lover, come and let Easy Riders Vietnam makes your trip in Vietnam unforgettable!

Stunning Hai Van Mountain Pass - Easy Riders Vietnam

7. Hai Van Pass
It is also called Sea Clouds Pass in English, offers an impressive landscape of verdant mountains and clear blue skies, overlooking Da Nang City, Tien Sa Port, and Lang Co Peninsula. Crossing over a spur of Truong Son mountain range between Thua Thien-Hue Province and Da Nang City It’s about 500m above sea level, making it the highest pass in Central Vietnam.

The 25 kilometer-long mountain pass is popular amongst thrill-seeking motorcyclists due to its winding roads, sudden curves, and blind corners, while its lookout point offers gorgeous views of Da Nang Bay, and it became even more popular when BBC Top Gear made their shows in Vietnam. 

An Easy Rider Tour from Hoi An to Hue via Hai Van Mountain Pass is a remarkable motorbike journey. It can be very challenging for a new rider, but it is a lifetime experience

Ca Pass - Phu Yen - Easy Riders Vietnam

8. Ca Pass
Ca Pass is one of the biggest and most dangerous passes in Central Vietnam. It has a steep cliff on one side and the other side is the ocean that makes the pass really picturesque but also dangerous. Steep and winding, lush and lofty, scary yet thrilling, spectacular yet terrifying: these are all things that a good, memorable pass should be.

As the road begins to level out, it runs alongside the railroad once more, through an expansive valley of vivid-green rice paddies. The bottom of the Ca Pass leads into large boulder fields scattered around ponds, lakes, and streams. The hills are planted with eucalyptus trees and dotted with red-brick homes. The road straightens, stretching across acres of heavily-cultivated farmland and the wide, flat floodplains of the Da Rang River, before crossing the long bridge into Tuy Hoa City, the capital of Phu Yen Province.

A motorcycle adventurer shouldn’t miss this pass on her/his bucket list about Vietnam

Magnificent Ngoan Muc Pass - Easy Riders Vietnam

9. Ngoan Muc Pass
It’s also called Krong Pha Pass (or French called Bellevue), connecting Ninh Son Valley and Lang Bian Plateau (Lam Dong Province). It’s about 19km long and is one of the most impressive and beautiful passes in Vietnam. It’s asphalted, but pretty steep, with sections up to 9%, climbing from 200 to 980m above sea level. It was built in 1917. It includes extremely sharp turns and amazing views. From the peak of the pass, tourists could have a panoramic view of surrounding landscapes with the streams running past the mountain’s walls and hill ranges with rich flora. A motorbike ride through this pass is absolutely spectacular and well-worth for those who want to conquer such an amazing tortuous mountain road.

Phuong Hoang Pass - Easy Riders Vietnam

10. Phuong Hoang Pass
It’s also called Phoenix Pass, situated on National Route 26, connecting Dak Lak Province and Khanh Hoa Province. The pass is about 12 km in length and is located in M’Drak District. It is the Eastern gateway of Dak Lak Province.

Phuong Hoang Pass challenges all the motorcycle drivers by tortuous bends. Only a mistake can make you fall in danger. However, the feeling of riding a motorcycle to climb and wind our way up in the cool air of the mountain is just like a phoenix swinging in the sky! We consider this stunning pass is one of the highlights of our 3 Day Easy Rider Dalat to Nha Trang Motorcycle Tour (or vice versa)

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